I write because…

Because I fell in love with writing and never got over it

Because I have been told that writers are impractical, improvident, impecunious and many other things that writers have been deemed to be by a few and I still don’t care 

Because I found Wodehouse, Stroud and Gaiman and can’t think of anyone cooler 

Also because I can’t think of anyone with a better sense of humour, dark or otherwise and am forever going to associate intelligence with that

Because I have thought I can’t /couldn’t/write badly/ gone for a while without it and have tried to forget about it…see how that worked out?

Because I am opinionated and sometimes, think I realised something

Because if I were to allow myself to try to live those ideas, even the most mundane, harmless ones expressing very very justified feelings and observations – can you imagine the trouble I would get in? I am yet to come across an instance where you can honestly express and act on what you think and be supported or even left alone in good health, finances and social standing, by people you wish to avoid, law, hospitals, banks and moral police.

Because I don’t know anything 

Because I can write anytime, anywhere, regardless of what I am thinking, feeling, who’s around, who’s not. It makes everything right

Because it doesn’t have to be connected or politically correct or careful or any single version of the perceived “right”

Because it makes everything seem clearer

Because my first thought need not be even on the same road as my last one… and they are usually cities apart. But it always puts things in perspective, rights something inside

Because there is no formula, there is no end game, no destination. Its just the journey

Because it can take you through universes and make the mundane seem magically meaningful

Because –

Nothing compares to having a pen move on paper with your thoughts flowing out faster than they flow in and knowing that your scrawl is covering line upon line as the pen moves on

You can see the shape of your thoughts in blue or black as you keep going.

It almost feels like that moment on a roller coaster when amidst the turns, drops, swooshes, screams of people, you turn your head slightly and the moment slows down and you see the coaster rounding a bend you just passed…


Author: wayfaringscribbler

A whimsical scribbler and wayfarer, comfort loving suburbanite and an armchair supporter of Carpe Diem, with a love for tea and Wodehouse.

6 thoughts on “I write because…”

  1. I am listening too! I like your writing style, and I love the passion you have for the written word. I always feel the need to write down my thoughts, but it is just easy to be carried away but the everyday life. Since we share the same passion, let me share some tips on writing I read the other day on the Guardian. You can find the link at the end of my post here https://getsomesky.wordpress.com/2015/11/03/day-one-blogging-and-writing-101/
    I hope you find them useful. They fit pretty well with your quote too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much @RiccFerrari.
      Very true – daily life does intrude at times. The article is very helpful -thanks for sharing. I went and looked it up. Henceforth, I’ll follow suit as well and carve out a specific time and someday, hopefully succeed in waking up an hour early like yourself (fingers crossed) 🙂 Till then, do keep them coming. I found this very useful!


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