Writing about writer’s block

Generally ideas should be spewing forth, given the scope

presented by such writing prompts as ‘regret’ and ‘hope’…

Something I am certain I must have felt many a time,

And ought to be able to reflect or speak of in a few lines…

Surely, they are something any of my choices must reflect in abundance (?!)

Yet I still draw an absolute blank as I try to crank out a single sentence…

Let alone work towards a theme, idea or even remember a single experience,

And this includes those which can be read by an adult audience!

I can’t believe I am resorting to posting this ridiculous attempt

Just so I can somehow get by and complete day 3’s assignment,

And have this pathetic rhyme go down in my annals of shame

As a proof of ability to reflect inspired cluelessness, as my only claim to fame.

Seconds tick by and I am still nowhere near a thought or a line

To rescue me from this deplorable rhyme,

Which even to my untrained & untalented eye and ear,

Seems more than just a little too much to bear.

I mean, I never even called myself a writer and it is so ridiculously unfair,

That such a block should befall one who’s not even trying to pretend to the name!

Oh hell and damnation, see if I care,

After all I promised to see this through for a year,

So if everything has a price, count this as my fare.

And for those who actually came across this and continued to read more,

Heavens bless your trusting , innocent soul.


Author: wayfaringscribbler

A whimsical scribbler and wayfarer, comfort loving suburbanite and an armchair supporter of Carpe Diem, with a love for tea and Wodehouse.

9 thoughts on “Writing about writer’s block”

    1. Did I manage to impress? Just kidding, that wasn’t the intention. 🙂
      Sometimes, I run short on inspiration. Then there’s also the bit about being a whimsical scribbler…But there’s always another day and another thought, post. In those I hope to talk.
      Thank you for listening and for talking to me so honestly. Very encouraging.


  1. Well, I find you impressive but also timid. Something that happens to me often. Continue the writing challenges to Loose up those writing fingers- but let me see what you would write unfiltered, without prompt. Are you still this great a writer?


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