Where the pen dashes

Privacy. Me time. Light. Atmosphere. Tea/Coffee. Snug. Notepad and pen.

These are a few things I think of when I try to define my physical space for writing. A strong Wi-Fi connection has found its way into the list as well more recently 😛

Ideal place for writing would be at a table in a corner, near a window with a good view, with the right amount of light and enough natural light streaming in the room. It can be any sort of weather outside but overall it must be cozy with the right amount of shade and sun, or shelter if it’s raining.

Although I mentioned a notepad, nowadays I’m switching to writing more on more on my laptop and this wonderful thing caters to my need for music, endless set of blank pages, easy storage and general browsing. Which invariably means having a socket nearby to charge the friend and a good Wi-Fi connection. I might not be using it most of the time but I still need it there, just in case.

There should be enough room to accommodate the phone, earphones, laptop, a medium sized notepad, a pen that’s good to hold and writes smoothly, and a pencil and a pot of anything, after I have plonked down my bag. There should be room for all this + elbow room to write and room to tip the chair without decimating something (especially china) from time to time.

Above all else, I need a sense of privacy and “me time” in my physical space.

Whether I am sitting with people I know, by myself at a bistro table on the sidewalk, in a crowded room, I am happy to have people around as long as they don’t try to include me in a conversation or feel obliged to begin one. Companionable silence is so underrated.

Having thought so much about an “ideal place” truth be told, if I get some “me time”, a place that feels right and something to write with, it will be a good place to write and for that moment – it will be my ideal place to right.


Author: wayfaringscribbler

A whimsical scribbler and wayfarer, comfort loving suburbanite and an armchair supporter of Carpe Diem, with a love for tea and Wodehouse.

8 thoughts on “Where the pen dashes”

    1. So true! I think somehow that silence may be more intimate and revealing than a conversation at times? Maybe that’s why they feel odd and obliged to talk? I have noticed sometimes that people who talk, don’t necessarily say much.


  1. Companionable silence is so underrated! Very true 🙂 it really depends upon what kind of writing I’m doing as to what I need. Poetry and journaling I like to do with a paper and pen, as well as first drafts of structured writing like essays. Blogging and other writing I need my lappy for. It doesn’t really matter where I am, as long as I can pursue an uninterrupted line of thought!

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  2. Oh for the privacy and intimacy of my own space. I live in a house with my son, 30 years old, who works or stays in his bedroom when he is home, so he doesn’t invade my space much.
    My daughter and granddaughter also live here with me, so I don’t get much time or space to myself. I have a space at my dining room table, where my lap top and I can start to write, if it’s quiet and the 2 year old granddaughter is in bed.
    When Jazmin is awake she likes to climb on my knee and look at “pup pups” on my lap top, so there goes privacy and intimacy, out the window. I adore her and I love spending time with her, however I also like me time. I don’t get it very often. Sometimes I will just go out to a restaurant or cafe and sit in the corner, like you do, with my notebook and pen, a coffee and something to eat. Usually I go alone.
    Companionable silence is a hard thing to find, as people feel the need to fill the silence. Most people are not comfortable with just sitting and enjoying the quiet, with the company of someone else.
    I would enjoy sitting at a table with you, together, as we both wrote down our own thoughts. I am at home at the moment. Jazmin is in bed having a nap. Her mum Misty (my daughter) is outside, having her own time out. The house is very quiet and peaceful. Just the way I like it sometimes.
    Mind you I do like to socialise too, and enjoy the company of other people. I just need me time and I don’t often get it, especially not at home with a cute little 2 year old wandering around.

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  3. Thank you for such a beautiful word picture. I liked reading it.
    I completely agree with just wanting some me time. I work odd hours, so me time is usually at equally odd times when I’m trying hard not to doze off 😛 :). Good thing is I’m out of everyone’s way at that time…
    But how wonderful that you’re surrounded by family!
    It is difficult to get any quiet time with them around though, just because of lack of space – I get that. I just wait for everyone to go to bed 😛 :). The current moment sounds just right.


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