This time around

(Based on the prompt From You to You,  a letter to self. )

Sometime, somewhere, a few years from today…

So, how goes?

Things are good here. Its rather late, well past midnight in fact. With a chill in the air. Winter has set in.

Do you remember the house? Sitting in the drawing room now, in the usual corner. The lamp in the other corner is throwing a glow around and giving the feel of a fireside – minus the heat of course.

I haven’t had any regrets so far for anything that we have done – you and I. Or more appropriately, any version of us. I think we gave it a lot of thought – this mapping out what we want bit – and planned and worked towards it well enough. Couldn’t have done better and at least I got exactly where I wanted to be – actually better. Things are a lot better than I imagined they would be – reality perhaps often is. More satisfying, possibly purely because its more tangible? I got what I truly wanted by this stage and then some. I hope you have too.

Could there be somethings that we could have done instead? I suppose so- there are always so very many possibilities. But I truly couldn’t be bothered and would be hard put to recall any – the path and options were always so clear.  Nothing else could have suited me more than what, who and how I am now. I am particularly content with how we got here. Very proud of how I turned out and how she transitioned into me.

So how come this letter? There were a couple of things that I realized and that I hope you will remember. I have no idea how you are and what your daily life is like or how busy it is. But in case it catches you up and tosses you around at times and you lose sight and bearings, I thought this letter might remind you of those points.

Work keeps going on. You will keep learning. Wanting to rush it won’t turn you into Einstein though. Think of it like tea. It will brew- just give it the time that you know it deserves.

Don’t let it brew too long though – ruins the flavour.

By now, I hope you have travelled a bit more and to places that you truly experienced. With another person, in a group and by yourself- anyway you like.

light-love-clouds-riverI hope that you have either already trekked or get to trek to the edge of some cliff. Go up to its edge and sit there just taking it all in, like this one. The quiet and the nature. And take photos. No harm in wanting to be a travelling photographer  – what do you have to prove and to whom?

Walk around in some wood,sit there for a while and contemplate. Just as long as you know and can find your way back…

Did you try volunteer travel yet? And what about diving? Whatever made you put that one on the list? I always wanted to see you swim in the ocean without turning into a statue 🙂

And are you ever going to get that language certificate?? Just for the number of classes you “attended” that dad paid for by the way, you should put a full-stop on that one somehow.

Can you do a pirouette now? How about splits?? Did you ever manage to prepare a practical exercise routine for yourself??

How about rock climbing? That was doable and I thought we’d be good at it. Tried it yet??

I hope you and N went for that trip, especially to Paris! I hope you went there and looked around comfortably. Sat in cafes, wrote, roamed around and most importantly, got a nice photo of the Eiffel tower. If it rained on your parade this time as well, then this trip is jinxed. Chuck it and go someplace else.

Did you guys ever go for that road trip?    night-camera-lens-map

I hope that you did and had a great time, with fantastic memories. If you haven’t so far, then go, go now. This one’s a must!

I hope you’re done overcompensating for others. If they aren’t embarrassed by their actions – why should you be on their behalf? Remember that no matter what you say or do, some people will have problems, they may be jealous. Its ok to not try to contain the situation – its better if you don’t try to make them happy.

I do hope that you finally have some sort of a skin care routine and use sunscreen.

Finally, I hope you’re having fun everyday and are completely in love – with life, yourself and the people in your life, relationships that matter. I hope you’re happy and at peace.

Just so you know, I am too :).

We are all well here and hope you are too.


Yours truly.


Author: wayfaringscribbler

A whimsical scribbler and wayfarer, comfort loving suburbanite and an armchair supporter of Carpe Diem, with a love for tea and Wodehouse.

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