One moment at a time

His eyes stare at the white drapes and his mind takes a while to focus. His throat is parched and mouth dry. He feels better today. He can open his eyes and look around. Not like…was it yesterday? Last night. He can see now.

His gaze moves down to a far corner…desk… scrubs…nurses? Oh, right. The hospital. So the surgery was over.

He looks down at his body. He can barely feel it…lightly covered in a robe, with a sheet pulled up to his waist. He can barely feel anything. He tries to move his leg…nothing.

So tired.

“What would you like?”
“May I have some juice please?” Apple is his favourite. Better.

The nurse is explaining something to him”…your surgery went well. The doctor…Now we’ll have to…you’ll have to sit up, move a bit…if you don’t…In some time the doctors…”
He can’t focus on anything the nurse is telling him. But the voice goes on.

“I’ll need you to sit up a bit. ” The nurse raises the sheet, he can barely raise his head. He feels exhausted and the pain is there. “Sure”

and suddenly it hits him like a blast. Something inside HURTS!
Once the pain dies down enough for him to open his eyes, he can see the tube in his chest. There are others too – smaller though. Those seem to be ok. The nurse is saying something now but he can’t make out what. “…you’ll have to walk after some time.” “can I lie down now?” So exhausted. Just let me sleep.

He helps Billy to move down. The pain is excruciating!
He looks up at the ceiling. Stark white. The walls seem a dull, pale yellow. The desk in the corner has some pattern on it – like it was a part of some child’s room…

Oh god!

One moment at a time.

He can lie down now. Once I sleep, I won’t feel it. He tells himself. Just like when he had bad dreams, fears and the shadows would creep up from the corners. When he was a child. When sleep brought peace and security.
It was alright. He was alright. and he could breathe now. They had taken the tube from his throat.

Everything will be fine.


I have no idea how to write fiction but thought I’d give it a shot anyway. Of late, I came across a few posts by people who have battled diseases and are recovering. In particular, I came across a post where they wrote how they appreciated the kindness and good wishes, but didn’t really want the sympathy or the constant questions and concern.

Writing 101, Day 15 assignment – especially the prompt “tell us about a challenging journey”, made me think of them. Few things could be as challenging than what they were going through. I decided to combine the day 14 and day 15 assignment and zoom in on a moment or so of such a situation, in the immediate recovery period.
In case my post is worse than I think it is, I neither want it to be associated with them, nor do I want to offend anyone’s sensibilities. So am not going to use their name or refer to their post.



Author: wayfaringscribbler

A whimsical scribbler and wayfarer, comfort loving suburbanite and an armchair supporter of Carpe Diem, with a love for tea and Wodehouse.

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