Solitude for me, is the time when my soul speaks.

Thank you Hugh’s Views & News for this week’s photo challenge 🙂

Solitude is a kind of freedom”
~ Umberto Eco

Solitude for me, is the time when my soul speaks.

Where the “demands of time” imposed on our day to day lives, cease to exist and thoughts take wing, ideas suggest themselves, memories suddenly come to life or just one’s awareness of that one moment, deepens.

This photo was taken on a cold misty day, near Dochula Pass in Bhutan. We were walking back from Dochula, when I happened to spot this corner.

It reminded me of a time when my friends and I would sit together without a care, laughing and chatting…just happy to get together and do just that. It has been more than a decade since we grew close and although some of us live in different countries now, each answering the demand of odds and ends in her life, leading a different routine…when we speak, we pick up exactly where we left off. Of course we have grown and changed in so many ways…but the essence of our friendship …of what drew each of us to the other as a person, remains the same. I could see each of our younger selves on a chair, all of us sitting together and laughing and chatting as we did and continue to do.

Then I thought of other groups of people who matter to me and they all had that characteristic oneness in common.

But this place, belonged to us.

A moment of solitude made me feel true companionship. How could it not? That moment, the place, the setting and the weather –  all of it was perfect. Just like us.
Add mugs of tea & coffee… and we are all set.