Bringing in 2017.

Lewis Caroll once said,

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take

So I hope this year brings us all opportunities to take a chance on the things we always wanted to. I hope we all get another shot at bringing our wild ideas, whims, fancies and dreams, to life. Hope this year, you take a chance on everything you always wanted to.

Use these 365 days to make the kind of memories you want to, change things around and do whatever makes you happy.

And for those who – at times – agonize about how things will work out, it’s just 365 days out of I don’t know how many years of our lives my friend. If you don’t like how you spent them, you can always change that…

Happiness, prosperity, peace and love, always.

Hope you get your wonderland. Happy New Year!


Letter to self

(Based on the prompt From You to You,  a letter to a 14 year old me. )

I can’t even recall what I was doing at 14…seems such a long time ago. When I chose this prompt, I couldn’t think of anything that I could or wanted to say to a younger self. Now I think I can.

Do you remember that quote in Reader’s Digest?

Don’t be scared of darkness. It simply means that there’s a light shining nearby…

That stayed. Let’s start with that.

Don’t worry. About anything. Everything is a whole lot more and much much better in every way, than what you are hoping for and even perhaps, than what you can imagine at the moment.

Everything is alright. Everything always becomes alright.

You do get what you truly want and what is right for you. Not in the way others think of “right” in terms of “should” and “ought”, but what is truly right for and by you.

You will do everything that you want to do and a few things you haven’t planned on. Turns out that you have more courage than you know and are smarter than you think. Life is good, people are well and God is great.

And you know how you think you are bad at Maths? Turns out you’re completely off on that one and realise that now.

Few people you care about, will pass. It’s alright. It’s time for them to go. Doesn’t hurt after some time – the essence of your relationship, what you learnt from it, what it was like and about – all that stays with you.

Few dependencies petered out – which is a good thing. You have your own apartment, catch-up with friends on the weekends and wear heels now by the way. From time to time. Sneakers, jeans and t-shirts are still your favourite go to items…and you have a pair each in green, yellow and black – yes green and yellow too and no, you haven’t gone nuts. Wear them to office too and no, you are not working in media. Someday you want to though.

Your dreams are changing and horizons have broadened…worlds have opened up and I think they will continue to…

If I had to say something to you, I’ll say live freely.

Dance. Write. Smile more, say what you want to. Faces and places keep changing

Enjoy the present – how you are now is perfect great. Perfection is boring…and so limiting.

You have faith in yourself and your abilities already – do also enjoy what you have and how you are.

Whatever you want to do now, do that. You are fine. Things are great.

and they just keep getting better and better.

Found two new quotes recently. Hope you like them:

It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.
~ Henry James

Your current boundaries, were once unknown frontiers.
~ Anon

Now you see me…

but then (and let’s face it, mostly) you don’t.

Although I am more about disappearing at will to go somewhere, instead of just becoming invisible within the confines of the same physical space.

Nope. No self-esteem issues, don’t sit out or fade into the crowd… I just have this innate ability to whoosh from “may go” to “long gone” in a trice.

Given this ability, its hardly a surprise that I have gone missing from my own blog for more than a month now. But I have been thinking about coming over to stay (hopefully for a while), removing the covers and settling into a cosy couch.

And this prompt seems to be just what I needed.

About the ability – as of now it really comes in handy when I find myself in small parties promising long conversations with people I am more keen on avoiding than not.

But if I could, I would also use it to travel. Hassle free, paperwork free vacations, that can be taken during the weekends or during a really dull work week and may then be, as short or as long as I please.

I wouldn’t mind using it for regular commute as well. Skip the traffic and catch-up with friends!

Incidentally, just a few hours ago, a couple of us from work were debating the pros and cons of disapparating. Well, I was thinking of the cons, A wanted the ability and the rest were neutral and more interested in their steaming hot mugs than what A was convinced, is going to be the future mode of commuting.

Now that I have mulled this over a bit more and remembered what I really like about it, I’d have to say, this is one ability I wouldn’t mind getting an upgrade on.

How do you like yours?

That’s probably what I would ask you if we were meeting for the first time.

Did you have any trouble reaching this place? The traffic has been so crazy of late…

If we were catching up over a cup of coffee,

I’d probably begin by asking how your day was. I’d ask how things were in general and with people you care about…that and whether this was your first time in the city and where all you have been…

I’d check if you preferred sweets to the savoury. If you’d like to try something savoury – nothing like hot pakodas with hot tea or coffee even, in this weather. What are those you ask? Deep fried savoury goodness, stuffed with onions or potatoes. Maybe something similar to onion rings? But better 🙂

Too much? Would you prefer something sweet instead? This café serves a lovely banana cake as well. Best tried hot.

I have grown up being force-fed banana cakes. Mum had phases where she’d pick a fruit or veg, make it the star ingredient of a cake and bake one every week for months, trying to perfect the recipe. Banana cake was a resident, although carrot did come over and stay with us for quite some time. I would think I’d had enough of them, but this one changed my mind.

I like the decor here. The tables have been arranged comfortably enough to allow space and conversation. I like how they have turned used bottles into a string of overhanging lights!

Oh, I didn’t notice this one earlier, your cushion is called “chat“! How cute. Well, let me find “chit” and we can officially begin…(although I have been talking nineteen-to-the-dozen so far…)

If we were catching up over coffee,

I would like to find out what your hobbies were and how life has been treating you.

I’d tell you about one of my trips to Bhutan. It is such a beautiful, quiet place. It’s a beautiful mountain kingdom and more should be written about it. Just what I needed at that time. The trek to Tiger’s Nest was taxing, but worth it! I loved the scenic beauty, the monasteries and their prayer flags.

I’d tell you how I plan to sign up for a photography course once I finish the one on writing. While I am enjoying this, I am looking forward to that too…In fact, on the topic of photography, I wanted to buy a DSLR camera for beginners – do you have any suggestions?

Ok, enough about me. How are things with you?