Letter to self

(Based on the prompt From You to You,  a letter to a 14 year old me. )

I can’t even recall what I was doing at 14…seems such a long time ago. When I chose this prompt, I couldn’t think of anything that I could or wanted to say to a younger self. Now I think I can.

Do you remember that quote in Reader’s Digest?

Don’t be scared of darkness. It simply means that there’s a light shining nearby…

That stayed. Let’s start with that.

Don’t worry. About anything. Everything is a whole lot more and much much better in every way, than what you are hoping for and even perhaps, than what you can imagine at the moment.

Everything is alright. Everything always becomes alright.

You do get what you truly want and what is right for you. Not in the way others think of “right” in terms of “should” and “ought”, but what is truly right for and by you.

You will do everything that you want to do and a few things you haven’t planned on. Turns out that you have more courage than you know and are smarter than you think. Life is good, people are well and God is great.

And you know how you think you are bad at Maths? Turns out you’re completely off on that one and realise that now.

Few people you care about, will pass. It’s alright. It’s time for them to go. Doesn’t hurt after some time – the essence of your relationship, what you learnt from it, what it was like and about – all that stays with you.

Few dependencies petered out – which is a good thing. You have your own apartment, catch-up with friends on the weekends and wear heels now by the way. From time to time. Sneakers, jeans and t-shirts are still your favourite go to items…and you have a pair each in green, yellow and black – yes green and yellow too and no, you haven’t gone nuts. Wear them to office too and no, you are not working in media. Someday you want to though.

Your dreams are changing and horizons have broadened…worlds have opened up and I think they will continue to…

If I had to say something to you, I’ll say live freely.

Dance. Write. Smile more, say what you want to. Faces and places keep changing

Enjoy the present – how you are now is perfect great. Perfection is boring…and so limiting.

You have faith in yourself and your abilities already – do also enjoy what you have and how you are.

Whatever you want to do now, do that. You are fine. Things are great.

and they just keep getting better and better.

Found two new quotes recently. Hope you like them:

It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.
~ Henry James

Your current boundaries, were once unknown frontiers.
~ Anon


Reinventing the Letter Format: Letter to a Thing

November 18, 2015

Private and Confidential

Ms. Selph D’oubt

Fronto Striatal path
A.C. Umen state
RPIN – 210078


Dear Ms. Selph D’oubt,

As a result of the recent changes in the industry and subsequent review of business requirements by the management of S and S Private Limited, it has been decided that the operations of the Losel of Steem segment will be closed and thus, the position of Associate Communication Officer, Losel of Steem is no longer needed.

All attempts to find you an alternative position within the enterprise and its associated entities have been unsuccessful. We regret to inform you that this indicates the termination of your employment with us, effective immediately, due to elimination of position. This decision is not a reflection on your performance.

Based on your length of service and in accordance with the contract of employment, your notice period is 8 weeks. In lieu of receiving that notice, you will be paid the sum of $ XY,OOO.

You will also be paid your accrued entitlements and any outstanding pay, including superannuation if applicable, up to and including your last day of employment, as a part of your final settlement.

We thank you for your valuable contribution during your employment with us. Please contact us if you wish to obtain a reference in future.

Yours sincerely,

Scribbler signature
S.C. Ribbler
Manager, S and S Private Limited

This time around

(Based on the prompt From You to You,  a letter to self. )

Sometime, somewhere, a few years from today…

So, how goes?

Things are good here. Its rather late, well past midnight in fact. With a chill in the air. Winter has set in.

Do you remember the house? Sitting in the drawing room now, in the usual corner. The lamp in the other corner is throwing a glow around and giving the feel of a fireside – minus the heat of course.

I haven’t had any regrets so far for anything that we have done – you and I. Or more appropriately, any version of us. I think we gave it a lot of thought – this mapping out what we want bit – and planned and worked towards it well enough. Couldn’t have done better and at least I got exactly where I wanted to be – actually better. Things are a lot better than I imagined they would be – reality perhaps often is. More satisfying, possibly purely because its more tangible? I got what I truly wanted by this stage and then some. I hope you have too.

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