Bringing in 2017.

Lewis Caroll once said,

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take

So I hope this year brings us all opportunities to take a chance on the things we always wanted to. I hope we all get another shot at bringing our wild ideas, whims, fancies and dreams, to life. Hope this year, you take a chance on everything you always wanted to.

Use these 365 days to make the kind of memories you want to, change things around and do whatever makes you happy.

And for those who – at times – agonize about how things will work out, it’s just 365 days out of I don’t know how many years of our lives my friend. If you don’t like how you spent them, you can always change that…

Happiness, prosperity, peace and love, always.

Hope you get your wonderland. Happy New Year!


What’s your recipe?

I never had this doubt.

I was singularly convinced of the magical powers of procrastination.

You conserve your thoughts, creativity, energy, all building up to that one moment. The compressed strength and creative energy is like liquefied petroleum gas and the pressure of the deadline, an inflammable element, that unleashes it all in a big boom of your best self with heightened senses, sharpened focus and superior performance.

You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
What mood is that?
Last-minute panic.”
Bill Watterson

So all the while people would speak of discipline and routine cetera. I agreed and decided to tailor it to my life and personality – to the extent that I was most diligent in my study and pursuit of procrastination.

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