Bringing in 2017.

Lewis Caroll once said,

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take

So I hope this year brings us all opportunities to take a chance on the things we always wanted to. I hope we all get another shot at bringing our wild ideas, whims, fancies and dreams, to life. Hope this year, you take a chance on everything you always wanted to.

Use these 365 days to make the kind of memories you want to, change things around and do whatever makes you happy.

And for those who – at times – agonize about how things will work out, it’s just 365 days out of I don’t know how many years of our lives my friend. If you don’t like how you spent them, you can always change that…

Happiness, prosperity, peace and love, always.

Hope you get your wonderland. Happy New Year!


Hashtag, from the aortic pump

So far, I have overthought this topic into knots, started free writing and deleted each of the 3 4 paras…Of all the writing assignments, I thought this one would be easy but can’t make up my mind about the range it should cover…

Okay, here goes a list of things that I’ll have to figure out as I go along and others which I am happy I have done ~

1. Allow myself to do the things I like to do. Truly like to do. Even though they are healthy…like yoga

2. Stop forcing myself to like alcohol

3. Accept that I may have developed a taste for a few sorts though

4. Take a solo trip to some place without losing anything…limited edition wallets are very very hard to find

5. Understand that that’s why it was called a limited edition wallet and stop looking for that one!

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