Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you Storyville; Stories,Tales,Yarns and Other Adventures for nominating my blog for this award. I am humbled and honoured.  and unfortunately for my family, encouraged 🙂

How this works:

  1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the seven questions the person who nominated you provided.
  3. Nominate seven other bloggers.
  4. Create seven new questions for the people you nominate.
  5. Display the logo somewhere on your blog.

Let’s see if I can do this justice. These are my answers:

Do you believe in ghosts.

Yes. and I pray really really hard that I never see one. Can’t outrun a ghost…

Can you explain the LBW rule?

Thanks to my family’s obsession with cricket and my brother’s tendency to disappear with the remote, it was all I got to watch for weeks at a time. I think I can give it a shot.

When a ball, that isn’t a no ball and has been pitched in-line (or sometimes on the off side), hits a batsman (or his knee/ leg guard) before touching the bat and would have gone on to hit the stumps had it not been blocked so, LBW comes into play.

A healthy dose of vehement disagreement from the opposition’s supporters, seems to be a requirement as well. Howzzat?

What is your favourite film. Truthfully now, not the one you tell your friends to look cooler.

:D…ok. Godfather and Kill Bill II. Honorary mentions, The Holiday and First Wives Club.

How many of your Facebook friends would you actually go for a drink with?

3 – they are the only ones who can’t drink me under the table. However, if they ever manage to, I can trust them not to immortalize the night on You Tube. I have more dope on them.

Adventure or Security. Pick One

Security – with relationships, finances and passport.

When did you last laugh uncontrollably?

2 days ago.

Do you have someone to love?

Yes :). Many – and they make up my world.

Okay, now my questions:

  1. Cricket or football. And why?
  2. What are the three things you can’t live without?
  3. Share a favourite quote
  4. What are the top 2 points on your bucket list?
  5. What are you reading/watching these days?
  6. Fortune or Fame? You have to pick one too.
  7. The last time you danced or sang to your heart’s content.


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